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101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Feb 21, 2023 1:33:04 PM

101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List

Yes, you heard that right. We’ve found 101 ways to customize your golf cart!

Golf carts have come a long way from the simple vehicles they once were. Today's golf carts are versatile, stylish, and customizable, making them a popular choice for those who want to personalize their ride. Whether you're looking to enhance your golf game, transport guests, or simply make a statement, there are plenty of ways to customize your golf cart. If we’ve missed one, drop a comment! 

P.S. This list includes product links to external sites. We do not earn money if you decide to purchase them 🙂 Just here to help you customize your cart! 

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Exterior Golf Cart Customization 

  1. Paint Job

    Choose a custom color or design to make your golf cart stand out. Not only can a paint job improve the appearance but it could increase the value of your cart. At Garrett’s Golf Cars, we’ve made painted custom carts from college teams to Margaritaville themed paint jobs.

  2. Custom Wrap

    Golf cart wraps are a popular way to customize the appearance of a golf cart. They are vinyl decals applied directly to the cart's surface and can be printed with a wide range of designs and colors. Golf cart wraps provide a cost-effective and quick way to change the cart's look, and they can be partial or full wraps. 

  3. Foldable Windshield  

    Most golf carts come equipped with a foldable windshield, but for those who don't, upgrading to one is a great way to enhance the functionality and comfort of the vehicle. A foldable windshield provides protection from wind and elements while driving, and when not in use, it can be easily folded down for storage and transport. Or, if you are looking for a replacement, we have plenty of windshields to choose from.  

  4. High Impact Windshield 

    High-impact windshields for golf carts are an excellent option for those who work in construction sites or frequent rough terrain areas, as they provide added protection against flying debris and other potential hazards. They are made from durable materials, such as polycarbonate, that can withstand impact and remain clear for maximum visibility. With a high-impact windshield, you can enjoy your ride without worrying about damage to your golf cart or yourself.

  5. Window Tinting

    Tired of the sun getting in your eye? A tinted windshield is your fix. The tinted glass can provide shade and reduce glare, making it easier to see in bright sunlight. Check out our tinted windows here.
    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-32-7150-PM
  6. Rims

    Custom rims for golf carts offer a great way to add a personal touch and enhance the look of your vehicle. Golf cart owners can choose from many styles, including spoke, turbine,  mag-style rims, and more!

  7. Wheel Covers

    Adding custom wheel covers can protect your rims and tires while adding another level of customization to your golf cart.

  8. Low Profile Tires

    Low-profile tires are efficient and quick. These tires offer a lower profile and a wider surface area, providing better grip on the road and turf.

  9. High Profile Tires

    High-profile tires are taller, with more sidewall—all-terrain style tires. High-profile tires provide improved traction, making them popular for golf carts used off-road or on uneven surfaces. 


  10. Enclosure

    Add a weather-resistant enclosure to keep you and your passengers protected. They come in various materials and sizes to fit most golf cart models and can be used for storage or transport to keep your cart clean and safe from damage. Investing in a golf cart cover can extend the life of your cart and help it look and perform its best. Choose from our wide selection of golf cart covers. 
  11. Roof

    Replace the factory roof with a custom one! If you are willing to go the extra mile, a roof with a  sunroof or built-in solar panels will make you stand out from the crowd

  12. Mirror

    Adding a rearview mirror to your golf cart can improve driving safety and visibility. It lets you see what's happening behind you, helping you avoid potential accidents or hazards. Rearview mirrors are easy to install and come in different styles and sizes to fit most golf cart models. One option is a universal 5-Panel Mirror

  13. Running boards/Cargo Rack

    A cargo rack for your golf cart can significantly increase its carrying capacity and versatility. With a cargo rack, you can easily transport and haul coolers, camping gear, and tools, making your golf cart a valuable asset for various outdoor activities.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-31-7141-PM
  14. License plate holder

    Add a custom license plate holder to your golf cart for added customization. Some golf carts don’t require license plates, but you could add your own vanity plate!

  15. Vanity Plate 

    Adding a vanity plate to your golf cart can give your vehicle a fun and personalized touch. It can also make it easier to identify your golf cart in a crowded parking lot or among other similar vehicles. However, it is important to ensure that the vanity plate adheres to any relevant laws or regulations regarding vehicle registration and display.

  16. Horn

    Want your cart to sound like Herbie? Or a freight train? Now is your chance to add a custom horn to your cart. 

    Clip by SamKimRichard on youtube. 

  17. Fenders

    Fender flares can provide extra protection for the cart's body, wheels, and passengers from debris and mud when driving off-road or in wet conditions. They can also give your golf cart a rugged and sporty look, making it stand out on the course or in your neighborhood. Some EZ-Go models come with built-in fenders, like the Liberty Explorer Package.

  18. Bumpers/Bumper Pad

    Replace the factory bumpers or add a bumper pad for added protection. Bumper pads are usually thick plastic attached to the rear or front of your golf cart that can protect your cart from scratches and dings. If you have been to a larger city like DC or NYC you may have seen bumper pads handing over people's bumpers. 

  19. Brush guard 

    Brush guards protect your investment against those front end damages from trail debris. It can also enhance the appearance of the golf cart and give it a more rugged look. However, it is important to ensure that the brush guard is compatible with the specific make and model of the golf cart.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-33-4907-PM-1

  20. Grille Inserts

    Add customization to your grille with grille inserts. Club Car has Onward Grille Inserts. Decorative grill accents add visual interest and enhance the Onward front body design. They are now available in a carbon fiber pattern!

  21. Lift kit

    Like on cars, adding a lift kit to your golf cart can increase ground clearance, allowing you to drive over rough terrain or uneven surfaces more easily. It can also improve the overall appearance of your golf cart, providing a more customized and sporty look. However, it is important to ensure that the lift kit is installed properly and does not compromise the safety or stability of the golf cart. This 2022 Bright White E-Z-GO 48 Volt Valor has a lift kit on mag wheels.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-30-9309-PM
  22. Skid Plates

    If you are driving on rough terrain, you need to make sure you have a skid plate. Adding a skid plate to your golf cart can protect the vehicle's underside from damage caused by rocks, debris, or other hazards. They can also help prevent the cart from getting stuck or high-centered in rough terrain.

  23. Winch

    Adding a winch to your golf cart can provide a useful tool for pulling yourself or others out of difficult situations, such as mud or sand traps. It can also be used for hauling heavy loads or equipment, making it a practical addition for those who frequently use their golf cart for work or outdoor activities. 

  24. Winch Control

    Adding a winch controller to your golf cart can improve the functionality and convenience of your winch. It allows you to operate the winch from a safe distance, providing greater control and flexibility when pulling or hauling loads.

  25. Trailer Hitch 

    Heading to the beach or the pool? Tow your extra load with a trailer hitch. Adding a tow hitch to your golf cart can increase its versatility and enable it to tow small trailers or other light loads. It can also help transport equipment or supplies when using the golf cart for work or outdoor activities. We have options from Universal Trailer Hitch to a Universal Trailer Hitch for Seat Kit, specifically designed for use with seat kits.

  26. Rearview Camera

    With a rearview camera, you won’t have trouble backing into your parking spot. Adding a rearview camera to your golf cart can provide safety by improving visibility when backing up or maneuvering in tight spaces. It can also make parking the golf cart or hitching a trailer easier. This would act like a backup camera that you may have in your car.

  27. LED Lights

    Bring the party to the golf cart. Install LED lights for improved visibility and style. Below is a picture of a 2019 Club Car Tempo Black 48V with LED lights wrapped around the inside of the roof. Also, this cart has underbody glow lights! We will get to that next.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-30-2368-PM
  28. Underbody Lighting

    More lights! Adding LED lighting to the underbody of your golf cart is an excellent choice for added customization. It can also enhance visibility in low-light conditions, improving safety while driving.

  29. Light Bar

    If you're planning on taking your golf cart off-roading in low-light conditions, a light bar can provide additional lighting to help you see any obstacles or hazards on your path. This is especially helpful if you're driving through wooded areas or uneven terrain.

  30. LED Headlights

    Upgrading to high-performance LED headlights can provide brighter and clearer illumination, allowing you to see further down the path and spot any hazards or obstacles more easily. This can be especially useful in low-light conditions, such as early morning or late evening. We have plenty of headlights and tail lights to choose from.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-28-7338-PM
  31. LED Tail Lights

    Similar to LED headlights, upgrading to LED tail lights can provide improved visibility, making it easier for other drivers to see you and reducing the risk of accidents or collisions. LED lights also tend to last longer than traditional bulbs and use less energy.

  32. Turn signals

    Adding turn signals can help improve your visibility and communicate your intentions to other drivers, reducing the risk of accidents and making it easier to navigate traffic on the course. We have  a 48V golf cart turn signal kit allowing you to cruise safely with turn signal capability.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-27-7629-PM
  33. Brake Lights

    Upgrading to high-performance brake lights can provide brighter illumination and make it easier for other drivers to see when you're stopping or slowing down, improving overall safety on the course.

  34. License Plate Lights

    For states that require license plates, a license plate light will make it easier for other drivers to read your license plate and reduce the risk of getting pulled over for a non-working light.

  35. Fog Lights

    If you often play in foggy or misty conditions, adding fog lights to your golf cart can provide additional lighting that can cut through the fog and make it easier to see where you're going. Fog lights can help improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

  36. Spotlight

    A spotlight can be especially helpful for those early morning rounds or late-night adventures, providing a focused beam of light that can help you see further down the path and spot any obstacles or hazards that may be lurking in the dark.

  37. Gun Rack

    Adding a gun rack to your golf cart can provide a safe and secure way to transport firearms while you're on the course. This can be especially helpful for hunters or shooting enthusiasts who like to take their firearms with them wherever they go.

  38. Mud Flaps

    Installing mud flaps on your golf cart can help protect the body and undercarriage from dirt, mud, and debris, especially if you're driving through muddy or wet conditions. Mud flaps can help reduce the risk of damage and extend the life of your golf cart.

  39. Custom Cart Emblems

    Similar to adding an extra emblem to your car, you can add one to your golf cart! Here is an Etsy store that makes personalized club car emblems!

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-32-3133-PMCustom-Cart
  40. Bumper stickers

    Who doesn't love a good bumper sticker? You could add a bumper stick of a team you pull for or your favorite vacation spot.

    Interior Golf Cart Customization - 40 Parts 

  41. Seats

    Adding a custom seat to your golf cart can be a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your ride. Not only can it provide a more comfortable and stylish seating option, but it can also help increase the resale value of your golf cart should you ever decide to sell it. You could add custom leather upholstery or even add seats to your cart! Check out our seat kits.


  42. Seat Cushions

    Get the most out of your golf cart by adding custom seat cushions. They'll make your ride much more comfortable, and give your cart a stylish and unique look that will definitely turn heads on the course.

  43. Seat Covers

    Protect your golf cart's original seats and make them more comfortable with seat covers. They're easy to install, come in a wide range of colors and designs, and will give your cart an extra touch of personality. This EZGO Seat Cover on amazon would be a great addition to your golf cart.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-1
  44. Steering Wheel

    Upgrading to a custom steering wheel can enhance the comfort, style, and performance of your golf cart. A well-crafted steering wheel can provide a better grip and a more ergonomic design, reducing fatigue and improving your control over the vehicle. Additionally, a custom steering wheel can be a great way to add a personal touch to your cart's interior, allowing you to choose the color, material, and style that best fits your personality and aesthetic preferences.

  45. Wheel Cover

    Keep your steering wheel in great shape and improve your grip with a steering wheel cover. It'll make your ride more comfortable, and you can choose from a variety of materials and designs to match your style.

  46. Stereo System

    Bring your music on the go with a stereo system for your golf cart. It'll make your ride more fun and enjoyable, and you can choose from a variety of systems to fit your budget and preferences. You have many brands to choose from including Noam, JBL, Bose, Bazooka and more! This new EZGO S4 Elite has super custom seats, Bazooka sound system, lit cupholders, front basket, front brush guard, flip rear seat, head and tail lights, turn signals and more!

  47. Bluetooth Connectivity

    Stay connected and safe on the go with Bluetooth connectivity for your golf cart. You can stream music and take phone calls hands-free, making your ride more convenient and safe.

  48. USB Connectivity

    Keep your devices charged and ready to go with USB connectivity for your golf cart. It's easy to install and will make your life a lot easier when you're out on the course.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-27-5140-PM
  49. Satellite Radio

    Enjoy commercial-free music and programming with satellite radio for your golf cart. It's a great way to stay entertained and keep up with the news, and you can choose from a variety of subscription packages to fit your budget.

  50. Antenna

    Improve the reception of your radio or satellite radio with an antenna for your golf cart. It's easy to install and will ensure you have a clear and reliable signal.

  51. Subwoofer

    Get the most out of your music with a subwoofer for your golf cart. It'll add depth and richness to your tunes, making your ride more fun and enjoyable.

  52. Amplifier

    Boost the power and volume of your sound system with an amplifier for your golf cart. You'll be able to turn up the music and enjoy a more vibrant and lively sound.

  53. Video System

    Keep your passengers entertained on the go with a video system for your golf cart. It's a great way to make longer trips more enjoyable, and you can choose from a variety of systems to fit your budget.

  54. Rear Seat

    Double the ride, double the fun! Get more space and seating options with a rear seat for your golf cart. It's easy to install and will make your cart more versatile and practical for all your needs. Increase the passenger capacity of your E-Z-GO RXV with this white seat kit! Easily convert your 2-Passenger vehicle into one that can accommodate four passengers.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-28-0103-PM
  55. Power Inverter

    Power your devices and gadgets on the go with a power inverter for your golf cart. It's easy to install and will let you use your cart's battery power for all sorts of needs.

  56. GPS Navigation

    Find your way around with ease with GPS navigation for your golf cart. It's a great way to stay safe and get where you need to go, no matter where you are.

  57. Floor Lights

    Add a touch of style and personality to your golf cart with floor lights. They're easy to install and will make your cart stand out on the course.

  58. Side View mirrors

    Make your life easier with power mirrors for your golf cart. You'll be able to adjust them with ease and stay safe on the go. This 2022 EZGO Valor has side view mirrors installed.

  59. Unique Key Switch

    Keep your golf cart secure with a unique key switch. It'll prevent unauthorized use and give you peace of mind when you're not around. If you want a more in depth review on security features, check out our blog, how to keep your golf cart secure

  60. Keypad Lock

    A little pricier than a Unique Key Switch, the keypad lock is even more secure than the unique key switch. It involves a numbered keypad similar to the numbers on your telephone, with a customized security code that unlocks the cart and allows it to be started. Until this code is entered, the golf cart will not start.

  61. Manual Disconnect Switch

    A manual disconnect switch is like a secret weapon against car theft. It lets you disable your car's electrical system, which can make it much harder for a thief to steal your ride.

  62. Security System

    The most elaborate (and expensive) security method on our list, the security system comes with a key fob (think of the lock/unlock key fobs that most vehicles come with these days). Unless the key fob is in hand when the cart is started, it won’t start up — and those would-be thieves won’t be going anywhere.

  63. Wheel, Pedal, or Steering Wheel Lock

    Using a device such as an EZ-Go wheel, pedal, or steering wheel lock can deter thieves because they make the hassle of stealing your cart much too high. The devices make golf cart operation impossible for anyone without the key to remove the pedal or steering wheel lock.

  64. Windshield Wipers

    Windshield wipers can help keep your windshield clear and free of debris. It's a simple addition that can make a big difference in visibility. You could get a manual wiper like this Sea Dog Wiper or find an automatic wiper!

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List
  65. Air Conditioning

    Adding air conditioning to your golf cart can help keep you cool and comfortable on a hot day. It can make your round of golf much more enjoyable. If you look at the roof on the cart below, you will see an installed AC fan!

  66. Heated Seats

    Heated seats can make your golf cart more comfortable to ride in on a chilly day. It's a small luxury that can make a big difference on cold mornings.

  67. Remote Start

    Starting your cart on a cold morning? With remote start, you can start your golf cart without having to walk all the way over to it. It can save you time and energy, especially on a big course.

  68. Rear-view Monitor

    A rear-view monitor can help you see what's behind your golf cart, which is especially helpful when backing up. It can also help prevent accidents and collisions.

  69. Cup Holders

    Cup holders are a must-have for any golf cart. They keep your drinks from spilling and within easy reach while you're driving.

  70. Arm Rest

    An arm rest can make your golf cart more comfortable to ride in. It provides extra support and comfort on bumpy terrain. Check out these black arm rest, that can be installed on any golf cart.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List
  71. Cooler

    A cooler is a great thing to have on a hot day on the golf course. You can keep your drinks and snacks cold and refreshing while you play.

  72. Storage Compartments

    Adding storage compartments to your golf cart can make it easier to carry your gear and accessories. You can keep everything organized and within easy reach. This E-Z-GO TXT has Clay’s Basket attached to the front for additional storage.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-2

  73. Seat Belts

    Seat belts are a safety feature that can help keep you and your passengers safe in the event of an accident. It's always better to be safe than sorry! To start, check out this seat belt we have in stock.

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-29-9663-PM
  74. Dash Cover

    A dash cover can help protect your golf cart's dashboard from the sun's rays. It can also keep the interior of your cart cooler on hot days.

  75. Floor Mats

    Floor mats keep the floor of your golf cart looking nice and clean. Plus, they're a breeze to clean up. We would recommend getting some rubber matts since they are the easiest to clean! Here is a link to full coverage floor mats that fit EZGO TXT 1996 and up!

  76. Tool kit

    A tool kit is like having a mini garage in your car! You can use it for quick repairs and maintenance, which can save you time and money. This kit could include an EZGO tire plug kit to parking blocks.

  77. Jack

    A jack is a must-have for changing a tire or doing other maintenance on your car. It helps you lift your car off the ground so you can reach the underside.

  78. Portable Air Compressor

    Don’t let a flat tire ruin your golf cart adventures. A portable air compressor can be a lifesaver if you need to inflate your tires on the go or during an emergency situation.

  79. Spare Tire

    Having a  spare tire is an essential item for any driver. It can come in handy when you have a flat tire, and it allows you to continue driving until you can get the tire repaired or replaced.

  80. Key chain

    Key chains are small but practical items that help you keep your golf cart keys organized and easy to find. They come in a variety of designs and styles, so you can choose one that reflects your personality

    Performance Customization 

  81. Brakes

    Better brakes mean better control over your golf cart, especially in tricky situations like going downhill or driving on wet terrain. So not only does upgrading your brakes make your ride safer, but it can also boost your confidence out on the course.

  82. Suspension

    A suspension upgrade can provide a smoother ride and improved handling on rough or uneven terrain. This can make your golf cart more comfortable to ride and reduce the risk of jarring impacts.

  83. Battery

    A Trojan golf cart battery can provide longer run times and more consistent power delivery than a standard battery. This can allow you to use your golf cart for longer periods of time without needing to recharge it.

    Trojan Battery
  84. Charger

    A faster or more efficient charger means less time spent waiting around for your golf cart to charge. It can also help extend your battery's overall lifespan, so you can get more use out of your golf cart in the long run.

  85. Controller

    Upgrading your golf cart's controller can make for a smoother ride and better speed control. This means you can feel more in control of your cart, which can make it more fun to drive and improve overall performance.

  86. Engine 

    A more powerful engine can make it easier to drive up hills or carry heavier loads. This means your golf cart can be more versatile and able to handle a wider range of tasks.

  87. Exhaust 

    A high-performance exhaust system can make your golf cart more efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as quieter or louder to operate!

  88. Fuel System 

    A fuel system upgrade means less money spent on gas and a more reliable golf cart. You'll also experience fewer breakdowns, which can save you time and hassle. 

  89. Speedometer

    A speedometer can help you avoid getting ticketed for speeding, as well as help you keep track of how far and fast you're going. This can be especially useful if you're trying to stay within a certain range of speed limits.

  90. Tachometer

    By keeping an eye on your engine speed with a tachometer, you can avoid damaging your golf cart and prolong its lifespan. This can be especially helpful for those who use their golf cart frequently or for long periods of time.

  91. Temperature gauge

    With a temperature gauge, you can monitor your golf cart's engine and transmission temperatures to catch potential issues before they become major problems. This can help you avoid costly repairs and keep your golf cart running smoothly.

  92. Voltmeter

    A voltmeter can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns by monitoring your battery voltage and detecting potential issues before they become big problems. This can save you time and hassle in the long run.

  93. Fuel gauge 

    A fuel gauge can help you keep an eye on your gas levels so you don't run out unexpectedly. This can help you avoid being stranded on the course and ensure that you have enough fuel for your needs.

  94. Cooling system

    Upgrading your golf cart's cooling system can help you avoid overheating, which can cause damage or reduce efficiency. This can make your ride more reliable and capable of handling tough conditions.

  95. Ignition system 

    With an upgraded ignition system, your golf cart can start up more smoothly and reduce the risk of misfires or other issues. This means you can enjoy a more reliable and hassle-free ride.

  96. Shocks

    Upgrading your shock system can make for a smoother, more comfortable ride and reduce the risk of mechanical issues. So you can enjoy your ride without any jarring impacts or discomfort.

    Presentation (created from your Doc) (4)
  97. Power steering

    Upgrading to power steering can make it easier to turn your golf cart and make it more comfortable to operate.

  98. Solar Panel 

    Ready to go green? Install a solar panel for charging the battery and powering electronics. 

    Presentation (created from your Doc) (2)
  99. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    A tire pressure monitoring system can help you keep track of your tire pressure and avoid low-pressure issues that can cause flats or affect your golf cart's performance. Plus, it can save you from having to check your tires manually! Club Car have TPMS systems for sale or there are plenty on amazon.

    Just for Fun Customization

  100. Chocolate Fountain

    Adding a chocolate fountain to your golf cart will give you a tasty treat to enjoy while you ride. Just make sure to clean up any melted chocolate before it gets all over the cart! 

  101. Fuzzy Dice

    This list would not be complete without adding fuzzy dice to your cart. Adding fuzzy dice to your golf cart will make it look cooler and more retro. Plus, they'll be a fun conversation starter with your golf buddies!

    101 Ways to Customize your Golf Cart - The Complete List-Feb-16-2023-02-44-28-2783-PM

Are you still reading?!? You made it!!

As you can see, there are many items that can be added to a golf cart to enhance its functionality, safety, and comfort. From essential items like spare tires and tool kits to more luxurious additions like air conditioning and heated seats, there's no shortage of options to choose from. Ultimately, the items you choose to add will depend on your individual needs and preferences. But with the right combination of accessories, you can create a golf cart that's perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs on the course.

Garretts Golf Cars specializes in custom carts that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a cart that's stylish and unique, or one that's equipped with all the latest features, the experts at Garretts Golf Cars can help you create a one-of-a-kind cart that's perfect for you.

Their team can work with you to design a custom golf cart that fits your style and personality, or they can help you choose from a wide range of pre-designed carts that are ready to hit the course. Plus, with a full range of maintenance and repair services, you can rest assured that your custom cart will be in top shape for years to come.

So if you're looking to take your golf cart to the next level, be sure to check out Garretts Golf Cars and see how they can help you with all of your customization needs!


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