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3 Reasons You Need a Cushman Cart

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Mar 16, 2016 1:22:31 PM

3 Signs a Cushman is Right For YouWe've written before about the variety of specialty vehicles available at any of our three locations — E-Z-Go for more family and personal neighborhood use, Bad Boy for off-roading, hunting, and fishing... and Cushman for those heavy-duty construction jobs that have you searching for the toughest equipment money can buy. Cushman carts don't just work for home construction, however; they may be the right choice for you in several different situations. When you're trying to find the right cart for the job, we have three signs that a Cushman might be right for you:

1. You own a farm or have a back forty that needs upkeep. Cushman's offerings, like the 1600XD, are made for maneuvering over even the roughest terrain. If your property is bordered by rocky areas, lots of trees, or creek beds, a Cushman cart will make sure you get where you need to go. With a steel-cut cargo bed, you're set for hauling even heavy loads of debris, rocks, or fence-posts around your property with ease.

2. You're looking for a way to take care of landscaping that saves you time and won't have you worn out by noon. Cushman has several options perfect for both residential and commercial landscaping companies or crews. Cushman's series of Turf Hauler vehicles are made just for your needs. Gas or electric options are available, and features include the ability to carry up to 1,000 pounds for some models, and wheels designed to minimize turf damage while you head out across the green.

3. You're in the hospitality industry and need a way to move guests around the property without giving them an unpleasant, bumpy trip. Cushman's Hospitality series is absolutely perfect for you. Hospitality carts start at two-seaters with space in the back for storage and go all the way up to carts that can carry up to 8 - meaning a large group isn't an inconvenience, it's a party. 

While we shared mostly new options, we also have preowned specialty vehicles available! We also provide customization options tailored to your lifestyle, allowing you to ensure that the Cushman-brand cart you bring home is absolutely perfect for you. To learn more about our Cushman offerings or about the other brands we carry, give us a call! We'd love to speak with you about your home, farm, or company and work with you to make sure you take home the Cushman cart that works for you.

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