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3 Ways to Use Golf Carts In Your South Carolina Wedding Photos

Posted by Katherine Faulk on Apr 26, 2017 2:16:55 PM

Golf Cart Wedding Photo IdeasWhile previously we've focused on how golf cart rentals will provide practical help for your big day, we'd like to spend a moment taking a look at one question we're often asked — how to incorporate golf carts into wedding photos.

We've put together three of our favorite golf cart wedding photo ideas to give you some inspiration to take to your photographer for your South Carolina wedding.

1. Destroy the Dress (While Having a Ball!)

One recent trend in wedding photos has been the "destroy the dress" session after the wedding.

Many modern brides use this as a way to inject some fun into their traditional wedding photos, and you can definitely utilize your golf cart or ATV!

If you're getting married after some precipitation has made things pretty muddy, get on out there on your ATV and go mudding! Make sure you wear your safety helmet and that your dress is gathered so it won't provide any safety hazards, and you're good to go.

You might even want to have bride and groom go riding together — after all, you can trash the tux just as easily as you destroy the dress! As long as all the wedding gear belongs to you, get out on your ATV and have some fun.

BEST FOR: Rural weddings or 'destroy the dress' sessions held after your wedding day.

2. Ride Off Into the Sunset

Rather than taking the traditional photo of the bride and groom getting into their car, take some photos heading off in your golf cart!

Golf carts are easy to decorate to match your wedding theme. Just add streamers, ribbons, maybe a few tin cans or noisemakers, and stick some letters on the back of the cart with "JUST MARRIED" or the names of the bride and groom. We've even seen customized golf carts in the couples' colors given as a wedding gift!

Are you a Clemson fan and you're having the Tiger himself out to your wedding bash? Ask if you can get him into the riding-away photo, too. What better way to memorialize your Clemson wedding than with the Clemson Tiger heading off with you on your new adventure?

BEST FOR: Just after the ceremony or reception, golf course weddings

3. Stage Some Photos Just For Fun!

One of our favorite wedding photography trends has been including light-hearted fun into what can be a really time-consuming aspect of the day. We've all been there and done that as far as silly shoes or ridiculous faces, though, so why not try something new by throwing your golf cart into the mix?

Some ways to use your golf cart to add a little wedding photo fun:

  • Stage a fake 'bumper-to-bumper' golf cart crash with the groomsmen on one side and the bridesmaids on the other.
  • Have a photo of the bride and groom holding a map, 'lost' on their way to the reception!
  • Fake a 'breakdown' with the bride and groom looking stressed while groomsmen pretend to be pushing them towards their destination
  • Show the groom hitchin' a ride while the bride swings by to pick him up — or vice versa
  • Have the bride drive away while the groom chases after her!

Any one of these ideas makes for a silly way to break the stress of a big important day while giving you photos you'll love to look at for years to come.

BEST FOR: Adding some humor to your wedding photos

We'll End With Our Favorite Idea

It's a simple one — just the bride and the groom in their chosen golf cart, sharing a kiss. Simple, sweet, and perfect to have framed to hang in a prominent spot within your home.

Looking for the perfect golf cart rental for your big day? Go With Garrett's Golf Cars and Specialty Vehicles is ready to help! Just head over to our rentals page and tell us how many golf carts you need, where, and when.

We'll do the rest.

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