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4 Ways to Use a Golf Cart That Don't Involve Golfing

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Jan 12, 2018 1:00:00 PM

EZGO_Express L6_Lifestyle Image_Driving_Grey.jpgIf you asked us what the number one myth about golf carts was? We'd say it's the idea that they're only good for golfing. Maybe it's just that it's already there in the name, but while golf carts are great for getting around the golf course, we've found them useful for many other activities, too!

We'll cover four great ways to use golf carts that don't involve golfing in today's post!

Running errands

Depending on your town, you may or may not be allowed to drive a golf cart on the road, so check with your local community government first.

However, if your town does allow golf carts as a method of transportation on their roads, a golf cart is a great alternative to a car or SUV! Golf carts are great with gas mileage and can save you hundreds of dollars in fill ups throughout the course of the year. If you’re driving an electric golf cart, you won’t have to worry about gas expenses at all!

Golf carts are also very nimble and able to get in and out of small spaces quickly. Some errands where a golf cart would be very handy are grocery store runs, coffee or fast food pickups, or dropping your kids off at school.

We've seen lots of golf carts out and about in downtown Greenville and coastal neighborhoods in and around Charleston. If you're not sure whether you're ready to commit to a golf cart for heading around the neighborhood, remember we also provide golf cart rentals!!

Doing yard work

Another great activity you can use a golf cart for is assisting in yard work. Landscaping and other yard work isn’t easy, especially if you have a large yard.

Having a golf cart to get you quickly to your work area can help you save a lot of energy for the job, and if you have heavy equipment needed to complete your work, the golf cart can easily haul it where you need to go.

Running a vendor business

We have an entire blog article on this that you can read here, but there are specialized golf carts that make running a food and beverage vendor business a breeze.

Whether you set up down town or on the golf course to sell your goods, golf carts like the Cushman Refresher Cart can store, refrigerate, and display everything you have.

Event transportation

Whether it’s a wedding, sporting event, corporate retreat, photo-shoot, or another event, golf carts are a great way to get guests or participants where they need to be efficiently. Golf carts can transport anywhere between 2-8 passengers depending on the size of the one you rent or own so you can really cut down on the time it takes to get your event started due to slow foot traffic.

From shopping trips to business needs, golf carts are a great tool that you may not have thought could meet your need.

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