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5 Clever Ways to use a golf cart in your wedding

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on May 18, 2018 9:37:02 AM

5 Clever Ways to Use a Golf Cart in Your WeddingThey say your wedding day is all about you, but let's be serious: the majority of your planning stress comes from having to accommodate your guests' needs—your cousin has a nut allergy and you can't find a baker who can make a guaranteed nut-free cake, your fiancé's uncle has a prior commitment on your big day and wants you to change the date, and your grandmother from up north can't walk from your wedding venue to the reception hall in the hot Carolina sun.

We can't help you with your catering concerns or your scheduling struggles, but we CAN help your guests get from point A to point B easily, comfortably, and in style! But golf cart rentals for your wedding aren't only practical, they're fun too! 

  • Your Guests Will Love Them. Sometime's people ask, "Is it tacky to have golf carts at my wedding?" to which we respond, "Have you ever looked at a golf cart and not thought, 'I want to ride in that.'" There's something about the open sides and the speedy no rules-feel that people just love. If you're looking for a simple way to inject some fun into your wedding day, renting a couple golf carts is definitely the way to go!
  • Golf Carts Look Great in Photos. It doesn't take much scrolling through Pinterest to find tons of ways to incorporate golf carts into your wedding photos. Whether it's intimate portraits of the bride and groom, silly shots of a bridesmaids vs. groomsmen race, or a few adorable snaps of the flower girl and ring bearer pretending to drive the cart, you're in for some truly unique keepsake photographs!
  • Golf Carts are Great for Destination Weddings. Don't worry about guests getting lost or navigating different terrains like grass or sand in their formal wear. Assign a few drivers and get everyone to the ceremony and reception on time so they can see you get hitched without a hitch!
  • Golf Carts Make Great Getaway CarsDon't want friends and family to decorate your car for your big send off? If you rent a golf cart you can adorn them with customized "Just Married!" signs, string bells and streamers behind them, attach garland or balloons, and not have to worry about cleaning it all off once you get back from your honeymoon!
  • Golf Carts Can Keep Your Guests Safe. If you have a guest or two that really enjoyed your open bar, you don't need them traipsing all the way from the reception hall to their Uber (especially if you're having an evening wedding and it will be dark out by the end of your event). Having a golf cart on hand will give you a quick, easy way to transport them safely to their ride home.

If you or a loved one are planning a wedding in the near future, you're probably scrambling to find great ideas to make the wedding unique and special. If you haven't already seen our blog post on Great Ideas for Golf Cart Weddings, you'll find several more awesome ideas for using a golf cart at your big event. 

We can provide golf cart rentals for small groups or large events and we're happy to work with clients all throughout South Carolina. For more information, just click the banner below!

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