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5 Safety Tips for DIY Golf Cart Owners

Posted by Katherine Faulk on Jan 25, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Golf Cart DIY Safety TipsOne of the greatest things about owning a golf cart or ATV is the ability to really get in there and make it your own. While our own customization department is always happy to help you out with specially-made off-road tires, extra cargo space, coolers to keep your drinks cold, enclosures to keep you out of the elements, and many other special customized parts and accessories, we know that some of our customers just really love that do-it-yourself spirit.

Unfortunately, without taking a few precautions, trying to perform repairs or even golf cart customization on your own could lead to further issues or even injury. We've put together a few quick safety tips to help you DIYers out there fix up your golf cart in safety and style.

1. Keep Things Clean, Organized, and Comfortable

Whether you have a dedicated space to work on your golf cart or ATV, or you just sectioned off a corner of your garage — be sure that your workspace is never cluttered or hard to work in. We suggest an organization system in place for your tools and parts from day one. Pick up storage bins that will help protect delicate replacement parts from weather changes until they're installed, and make sure your tools are always replaced exactly where they go when you're done working.

You'd be surprised how many times we hear about someone tripping over a misplaced tool or having their feet slide out from under them when working with oil. If you keep your workspace clean and tidy, it'll be easier to find what you need — and safer to get the work done.

2. Always Maintain Air Ventilation

When it's a chilly day but you have some repair work to do on your Bad Boy Off Road ATV, it may be tempting to keep the garage door closed. Proper air ventilation is key, especially if you might be working with a gasoline-powered golf cart. Keeping the garage door closed could wind up making you pretty sick from the fumes, so be sure to maintain an open-door policy when doing your repair work. If the outside air can't get in, that means all those gas fumes you're breathing can't get out.

3. Keep Safety Equipment On-Hand at Home

Too many DIY enthusiasts think that they don't need the same kind of safety equipment that our parts and accessories department wears every day, but that isn't true. Accidents happen, so you want to always be prepared with reliable safety equipment on-hand. We recommend keeping the following:

  • Safety goggles/glasses that totally cover the area around your eyes
  • An up-to-date fire extinguisher within close reach
  • A jack and jack stands
  • First aid kit, with supplies checked and replenished as needed every 3 months
  • Aprons for battery work
  • Thick, well-made gloves to protect your hands
  • A pair of high-quality workboots

4. Owner's Manual for your Golf Cart or ATV

Always keep your owner's manual in a safe, easily accessed place if you're the DIY type. This way you'll be able to double-check what the manual says about certain customizations or repair to ensure that you won't accidentally undo something important while you're putting in a new part.

Finally: A Fully-Charged Cell Phone

You never know, and should something go wrong, it's worthwhile to know you can get ahold of a family member or loved one to give you some help if you need it. Don't just keep the phone lying out across the room, but in your pocket or within arm's reach at all times.

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