5 Ways to Decorate Your Golf Cart for March Madness

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Mar 11, 2019 2:24:23 PM

March MadnessMarch Madness begins Tuesday, March 19. Are you prepared? Better yet, is your golf cart? Your golf cart is more than just a vehicle for the golf course, it is a full-blown, mobile, socializing HQ with the ability to spread fun, as well as send your neighbors and community the right message regarding which sports teams to support. What lies ahead is not for the timid. Be brave and step out to show your true colors. In order of increasing complexity, here are 5 ways to decorate your golf cart for March Madness:

Golf Cart Flags

Did you know that you can purchase special golf cart flags with brackets that attach to your cart? This is a simple and easy way to show everyone where your loyalties are. You can purchase the flag and bracket separately or together. The bracket holds the flag in place and then attaches itself to round or square golf cart poles. Any flag pole can be inserted into the bracket which allows you to re-purpose those flags from your car or truck. Obviously, the more brackets, the more flags!

Bring the Noise

Yes, football season just ended, but it’s time to turn it up and play that college fight song for all to hear! As you might imagine, sound system options for your golf cart are countless and include customized options as well as a variety of kits that you can assemble yourself depending on how loud you want to get. Some options include radio consoles that are custom made for your brand of golf cart. There are kits with built in golf cart speakers, or kits where you install the speakers yourself. You can install antenna, receivers or choose CD players or devices that are Bluetooth enabled. If you can dream it, then it is probably out there!

Parade Float Kits

Yes, you heard that right.  You don’t need to be part of a parade when you can be your own parade. If you are feeling like the flags and music aren’t enough, then you pull out the big guns. Do the research to find a parade kit that fits what you have in mind. Consider a variety of cardboard kits like a 4’ basketball with your team logo which you can attach firmly to your golf cart roof. There are also golf cart decals or magnets that easily affix to the body of the cart. Look for customized cooler kits so you have a place for your logo covered cooler. Do the work and then wave at the community as you take a ride.

Paper Mache

Is there nothing more satisfying than the looks on the faces of your team’s rivals as they view you happily riding down the street with the head of your team’s mascot firmly attached to the roof of your golf cart? This is not for the weak of heart as it requires both hutzpah and craftiness. It’s shocking how many entries there are when you google “paper mache mascot head.” Now get to work!

The Whole Enchilada

For the die-hard fan it will be necessary to use all the suggestions above, but even that may not be enough. For those of you who want to go all out for your favorite college sports team, Garrett's Golf Cars has you covered! We can perform pretty much any customization you can think of. That includes team themed seat covers, rims in your team colors, and even a full body paint job featuring your team's logo! Whatever college team you're rooting for this March Madness season, Garrett's Golf Cars can help you prove you're their number one fan!
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