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All About Golf Cart Tires: Essential Questions to Ask

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Jun 2, 2016 11:24:40 AM

Golf Cart Tires ATVWhether you're interested in buying a new or a preowned golf cart or specialty vehicle here in South Carolina, there's one part of the vehicle that customers often don't realize needs special attention — your tires. A huge variety of types of tires currently exist on the market today, and it's important that you choose a golf cart or ATV that not only meets your needs for internal comfort but also has tires built to match your plans and lifestyle.

What do you need to know about tires before you purchase? Let's take a look.

For a Preowned Cart: When Was Their Last Replacement?

Golf cart tires aren't much different than regular automobile tires, except in scale and what sorts of use they're intended for. Golf cart tires tend to be built primarily for use either on paved roads and golf course terrain or for off-road usage.

These tires, even the more durable kinds reserved primarily for commercial or rural use, will eventually wear thin and need replacement. When shopping for your pre-owned golf cart, make sure to ask about the last tire replacement, if the dealer has those details available. If they're unsure of the last tire replacement, ask them what their professional recommendation would be. A reputable golf cart dealer won't try to upsell you new tires when those already installed on your vehicle will work just fine — our sales professionals here at Go With Garrett's Golf Cars and Specialty Vehicles are more interested in building a long-term relationship with our customers and want to ensure that they have the best experience possible.

What Kind of Tread Do You Need?

The answer to this question largely depends on what you need your golf cart or specialty vehicle for. Are you looking to pick up a golf cart for personal use around the neighborhood or to take with you on your golfing trips? If so, the default tires that come with your vehicle will likely work just fine. These tires are generally built for use on roads or heavily manicured and landscaped lawns like those at a golf course, and will last just fine with regular use in these areas.

On the other hand, if your lifestyle involves a lot of heading out into the woods or maneuvering over hilly, rocky, or sandy terrain, you may want to upgrade to off-road tires. We have these available as part of our customization options, and the larger tires and deeper treads will not only give you better grip on the ground and help to maintain stability, they will also be less damaged by contact with rocks, tree branches, or carrying heavier weights over unpaved pathways.

Looking For Larger Tires? Read This First.

When purchasing customized tires, there are differences in size as well as in tread. Most golf carts are only designed for an 18-inch tire, and installing larger custom tires will require a lift kit. These kits are durable and safe, and create exceptional stability when installed prior to the installation of the large off-road tires. The higher ground clearance that comes with lifting your golf cart further into the air will help you to avoid more obstacles and therefore to minimize any damage to your cart's underside and frame that could come from use in areas like the woods, certain beaches, or rocky terrain.

Interested in Taking a Look?

Whether you know exactly what kind of tires you need for your specialty vehicle, or you're interested in asking a few questions, we'd be happy to speak with you! Visit us at any one of our three locations throughout South Carolina to speak with any one of our friendly sales reps or service professionals about the right tires for your lifestyle. At Go With Garrett's Golf Cars and Specialty Vehicles, we're here to help! Reach us by phone at (843) 881 8894 for Charleston, (803) 407 2687 for Columbia, and (864) 862 7709 for Greenville... or contact us online at any time!

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