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Avoid These 4 Mistakes New Golf Cart Buyers Make

Posted by Katherine Faulk on Feb 22, 2017 11:33:35 AM

Mistakes New Golf Cart Owners MakeWhen purchasing your first golf cart, whether you choose to buy a brand new golf cart fresh off the factory lot or a preowned cart that's seen an owner or two before, it's easy to make mistakes that can lessen your enjoyment or even end up with you coming back again and again for unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided.

We'd like to walk you through a few of these common mistakes today and what you can do to avoid them.

1. DON'T Buy The First Golf Cart You See Online

While buying a new or preowned golf cart or ATV online is fine, we always suggest an in-person visit to a local dealer first. For one thing, you'll be able to get a better sense of the size and scale of the cart you chose, and you'll be able to speak with the dealer about what this particular model is best used for.

We love the Bad Boy Off Road Stampede, for instance, but this particular ATV is more suited for hunters, fisherman, or those who love visiting South Carolina's ATV-friendly parks than it is tooling around the neighborhood or heading down to the beach with the family.

Many Cushman carts are best for manufacturing companies, hospitality, or those who work out in landscaping and agriculture, while others work fine for casual family use.

Seeing the make and model of your choice in person is invaluable and ensures you won't make that purchase without seeing your favorites in person — and hopefully getting a test drive in, too!

2. Don't Ignore Accessories and Customizations

Many people purchase their new golf cart or ATV without even looking at available customizations or accessories, and that's a big mistake. While most people think of our custom paint jobs, we can do so much more to ensure your golf cart is perfect for you! When buying something like the E-Z-Go Express, it may seem perfect just how it is — but if you need to take it off road, without a lift kit and off-road tires you'll end up bringing it in for repairs way too soon.

While some of our accessories, like the speaker system, are purely for entertainment, many of them help to lengthen your golf cart or ATV's lifespan. Enclosures keep sand from getting into everything down at the beach, while heaters keep you warm even on chilly nights. An upgraded windshield keeps dust and debris from getting in your eyes and headlights let you drive safely after dark (it's the law in South Carolina!)

3. Don'T Leave Without Asking ABout Maintenance

While many people believe that golf carts can just be stored and ignored when not in use, that's not true!

Golf carts and ATVs are like any other motor vehicle — they require preventative maintenance and the occasional tuneup to keep things running smoothly. If you drive an electric cart, you'll need to monitor your water levels at least monthly and follow our guide for keeping your golf cart batteries working. For a gas vehicle, you'll still need a good tuneup and to keep an eye on things to ensure buildup doesn't cause a breakdown later on.

When you purchase your new or preowned golf car, be sure to ask the dealership what sort of maintenance schedule it will need. You may want to write it down and then keep the schedule on the fridge, just so you have a reminder on-hand.

4. Don't Assume a Preowned Golf Cart Won't Be Right For You

We've heard it before — new golf cart buyers worried about running into shady dealers selling preowned golf carts that will just break down as soon as they get home, then being unable to get anything fixed in a timely manner. We understand! That's why we pride ourselves on taking our preowned golf carts down to the frame to check for serious issues and rebuilding them to ensure you'll get the highest quality product for the best possible price.

If you're interested in picking up a golf cart but you're nervous about taking home one that's already been owned, we recommend following these steps:

  • Ask the dealer how many previous owners the preowned cart has had
  • Ask if there were any specific concerns or issues with this cart that were addressed prior to it being put on the lot
  • Go for a test drive and listen carefully when starting and driving for any out-of-the-ordinary noises
  • Take note during your test drive if the ride is bumpy or uncomfortable

Preowned golf carts can be a great choice for someone who would love to have a golf cart at home for trips around the neighborhood, down to the beach, or heading off-road. Just make sure you know everything you can about your new golf cart before you take it home.

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