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Beat The Heat With These Tips For Staying Cool On Your Golf Cart

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Jun 23, 2016 9:00:54 AM

South Carolina Summer Heat SafetyWhen temperatures climb into the nineties each day, it can be hard to convince yourself to spend much time outdoors. We don't blame you for wanting to stick to cool, air-conditioned ideas for activities, but this gorgeous summer weather is just begging you to get out and enjoy it! It's important to put a little more emphasis on safety during these very hot days, so we have some tips for getting you out on the course (or out in the woods) without overheating.


It seems like an easy suggestion — just drink more water! It can be hard to remember to bring extra water bottles along with you, and water that has warmed up from time in the sun just doesn't refresh and cool you down the way that cold water can.

We recommend keeping a cooler in your cart. We have coolers available in our customization options on our site that provide plenty of space for keeping extra water on hand. Don't rely on sweet tea, energy drinks, or soda for hydration! These options can actually leave you more dehydrated than you would be otherwise. It's best to stick to plenty of water and plenty of ice.

Dress For the Weather.

With new options for "performance" and "athletic" clothing coming up every day, you don't need to rely on basic cotton tees that can be uncomfortable once you've been out and gotten a little exercise.

We like moisture-wicking shirts made with specially designed fabrics that help to keep the body cool. These are easily located at just about any store that sells clothing, and you may find they're much more inexpensive than you think.

If you're serious about golfing, fishing, or just getting outdoors, you may want to invest in higher-quality athletic clothing from sporting-goods stores or niche retailers.

Keep a Towel on Hand.

One of our favorite tips is to place a dry towel in a waterproof bag and keep it in your cooler alongside your water and ice. That way, when you start to really heat up, the towel will be cool to the touch without getting soggy and wet.

This can help you refresh yourself even faster once the afternoon heat really kicks in.

Think About Sticking to Dawn and Dusk.

The earlier (or later) you're able to get out, the better. Many golf games start early and end by noon, for good reason — golfers who get out with the sun can make the most of the cooler temps and break for lunch just as the thermostat really begins to climb. On the other hand, if you're not much of a morning person, you may enjoy going out later in the afternoon when things have begun to cool down as the sun sets.

If you choose this method, we do suggest picking up some quality bug repellant, since mosquitos will be more active at these times of day.

Get Some Help With Customization.

We don't just have coolers available to help with these hot summers months — you'll also be able to pick up specially-designed golf cart fans and enclosures that can help keep the sun off your skin and air moving to cool you down. You can learn more about these and other customization options here on our website.

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