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Bringing Your Cart In for a Checkup? Here's What to Expect

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Oct 12, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Golf Carts on Golf CourseJust like the vehicles you use daily to get from Point A to Point B, golf carts too need routine checkups. The best rule of thumb to keep in mind is if you use it regularly, you need to check it regularly. Here at Garrett's we like to make sure our owners understand the importance of a checkup and what to expect when they bring their carts in for service. So today, we're going to break down how we handle our checkups:

Battery Maintenance:

  • Observe the battery on all electric golf carts. (The battery of your ATV is extremely vital and can be pretty costly if it's not maintained over its lifespan, which typically ranges from 4-5 years).
  • Charge the battery using your charger to ensure it's properly operating as well.
  • Check the electrolyte water levels next to ensure the plates in teh battery are submerged in water. 
  • Ensure all connectors are secured and remove any corrosion as necessary. 
  • Clean your battery from dirt, dust, grass, or spilled battery acid.

Tire Maintenance:

  • Check tire pressure and fill it to recommended psi if necessary.
  • Check alignment and rotate tires.
  • Replace the walls of the tire if cracks or separation is visible.

Brake Maintenance:

  • Check, clean, and adjust all pads, drums, cables, and pedals. 
  • Ensure no squeaking of K pedals or any significant issues with the brake.

Light Maintenance:

  • Check for turn signals, brake lights, and head lights.

Rear Axle:

  • Unplug the rear axle and check the oil. Fill the oil up as necessary.

Steering Wheel: 

  • Grease down as necessary and ensure proper boltage to the steering yoke system.

At Go With Garrett's Golf Cars and Specialty Vehicles, we've been helping families out with their golf carts and assisting with routine maintenance since 1992. We know just about everything when it comes to regular checkups for your golf cart, ATV, or other specialty vehicle operation, and we're happy to help you out too. Bring in your E-Z-Go, Bad Boy, or Cushman for your next checkup so we can do the work for you and get you on the golf course again! Call us at (843) 881 8894 for Charleston, (803) 407 2687 for Columbia, (864) 862 7709 for Greenville, or contact us online at any time!

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