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Common Mistakes That Kill Your Golf Cart's Battery

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Apr 21, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Battery Life Golf CartA dead battery (or one that goes from full charge to totally dead in 20 minutes flat) is one of the most common service problems we see here at Go With Garrett's Specialty Vehicles. While we're always happy to help fix up your golf cart or provide you with a new battery, there are a few behaviors you can avoid that will help your batteries last longer.

Don't Overcharge

It's important to make sure you're using an automatic battery charger that will stop being active as soon as the battery is fully charged. We've had clients come in with what they felt were "bad" batteries, only to have to explain to them that the battery had simply been damaged by being overcharged too many times. If you don't have access to an automatic charger, just be careful to check on your battery and to turn the charger off as soon as possible after it's finished.

Don't Drive Until It Dies

Another common issue is golf cart owners who think that golf cart batteries should only be charged when they've become very low. If you drive your golf cart that day? Charge the battery. Letting golf cart batteries run down until near-empty or totally dead will damage them over time just as much as overcharging them.

Monthly Maintenance is Key

Take ten or fifteen minutes once a month to wipe down your batteries, check the water levels, and keep an eye out for corrosion. With routine checkups like this, corrosion shouldn't be an issue, but batteries that are left neglected can corrode and need replacement far sooner than they should.

Don't Run the Radio After You're Done

Any lights, radio, or electric components in your cart should always be turned off when you stop using it. Leaving the radio or lights running on an idle golf cart can run down the battery incredibly quickly. In the case of a gasoline-powered golf cart, you may end up having to jump-start the cart to get it working again if this happens.

Avoid Steep Hills & Long Distances

Many of our great E-Z-Go, Cushman, and Bad Boy options are designed for longer-distance use, but even they have their limits. Forcing your golf cart up very steep hills or to go longer distances than it is made for will run the battery down and could leave you stranded. Just keep a careful eye on distance traveled and consider using a truck or trailer when transporting your golf cart longer distances.

Bring It In for a Tuneup

Of course, even a battery treated perfectly will eventually require replacement, or need the kind of maintenance that is difficult to DIY. For times like that, Garrett's is here to help! We provide sales and service of new and preowned E-Z-Go and Cushman golf carts as well as some other specialty vehicles. You can pick out customizations to truly make your cart your own, and you'll have the peace of mind that comes with working with a company dedicated since 1992 to great customer service and quality products.

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