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Customizing a PreOwned Golf Cart? We Have a Few Tips.

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Apr 27, 2016 1:46:37 PM

Custom Golf CartMany people believe that a preowned golf cart comes home "as is" — no change in condition, no chance to customize, just taking home what you find on the lot. Not true! Customization is possible and available even for golf carts that are older or have gone through multiple previous owners. Here are a few tips for making the most of your options.

What's Your Lifestyle?

Are you picking up your preowned golf cart in order to take it out on the green for a few rounds of golf? Is it more for riding around your property or heading out into the woods for fishing or hunting? Have you recently decided to spend more time down by the beach and you're looking for a golf cart to help you and the family get around? Each of these lifestyles requires some very different customizations.

Heading out on the beach? You'll want to think about having a windshield installed, to help keep the harsh glare of the sun off the ocean and the sand from making it difficult to get around. A drinks cooler is also a good choice, and we recommend taking a look at storage covers, to keep the elements from wearing out your new (to you) golf cart sooner than it otherwise would.

Are you more interested in using your golf cart to head out into the woods or just to help maintain a large country property? Look into adding off-road tires and wheels, to help you in the rougher terrain that comes with heading out into woods or down to the pond. You'll also likely want to pick up a good-sized cooler and extra storage space in the back, so you can bring home the day's catch without having to sacrifice comfort.

Maybe you're the golfing type, or just need something to help you make your way around the neighborhood. A heating-and-cooling option gives you a fan during the hot summer weather and a portable heater for those cold days in January. Adding in a rear-flip seat will instantly add more seating when you need it and folds right up when you don't! No matter what your lifestyle, these customization tips can help you take a preowned golf cart that's "almost right" and turn it into the perfect choice.

Have You Considered Custom Paint Jobs?

One of our favorite ways to customize a preowned cart for new clients is to give them a custom paint job! While our collegiate carts often get the most attention (you can find examples of some of our paint jobs here on Go With Garrett's Instagram!), that's not all we offer! If you've got a vision in your head of the perfect golf cart in a color that fits your personality and you just can't find anything that fits, ask us about it! We'd be happy to speak with you about making your dreams come true and sending you home with an E-Z-Go, Cushman, or Bad Boy cart that exactly fits your imagination.

Give Us a Call at Go With Garrett's!

Of course, there's only so much a blog post can tell you. We find that many of our customers can best see how their preowned golf carts can be customized to fit their lifestyle and ideas when they come into one of our locations and really take an in-person look at what we have to offer.

Give us a call or contact us online! We'd be happy to speak with you to get an idea about what you're looking for, so that by the time you come into our showroom we'll be ready to work with you on making everything about your preowned golf cart just right. You can reach us by phone at (864) 862 7709 for Greenville, (803) 407 2687 for Columbia, and (843) 881 8894 for Charleston. 

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