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Do I Need Golf Cart Insurance?

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Jun 28, 2016 1:30:56 PM

Golf Cart ATV InsuranceWhile we've previously spoken about the importance of making sure your golf cart has the required headlights or obeying traffic laws when it comes to keeping your golf cart road-legal, there's one aspect of overall ownership we haven't really touched on...

Does Your Golf Cart or ATV Need to be Insured?

The short answer is, it's probably a good idea. The long answer is a little bit more detailed than that.

Some HOAs Require It

If you live in a subdivision or neighborhood with a Homeowner's Association, or HOA, it's likely that you'll need to purchase insurance when you buy your new or preowned golf cart. Many HOAs require this, and you could face fines if it's discovered that your specialty vehicle isn't insured. 

Check with your HOA to learn the exact details, but many will require the HOA itself to be added as an additional insured party.

What Kind of Insurance Should You Get?

With golf carts or ATVs that aren't used on paved roads — you only take them out on the golf course or use them within the boundary of your property, for instance — you may only need to add your specialty vehicle to your homeowner's insurance policy. Your insurance agent should be able to sit down with you to add your new golf cart or ATV to your existing policy. Once that's done, you'll be covered for this kind of limited use.

Hoping to take your specialty vehicle out on the streets? In that case, things get a little bit more complex. You will likely need to pick up a modified auto insurance policy that covers golf carts used on paved streets up to 25 miles per hour. Often these policies refer to Low-Speed Vehicles, which is another way of referring to golf carts and other specialty vehicles.

In South Carolina, liability insurance is required for golf carts used on paved roads. Please make sure that your specialty vehicle is covered right away. This additional insurance is usually inexpensive and can be added quickly and easily.  

For details on the cost of this added insurance, please contact your agent or insurance representative for accurate numbers.

Looking to Buy a New or Preowned Specialty Vehicle?

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