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Go "On Roading" With the Street Legal 2Five Golf Cart from E-Z-Go!

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Oct 5, 2017 1:43:37 PM

The E-Z-Go 2Five ElectricWhen most people imagine a golf cart, they think about a group of people heading out to the golf course to play a few rounds.

While our carts are great on the course, they're also exceptional at helping out around the farm, taking you off-road for hunting, fishing, or camping, and helping you enjoy you South Carolina beach vacation in comfort and style.

We've left one important use for golf cars out. Can you guess what it is?

That's right! E-Z-Go's golf cars are also perfect for heading out around the neighborhood, taking a quick trip down to the Farmer's Market, or dropping off the kids at school... all on the road.

The perfect golf cart for those searching for something already street-legal to use around their town or neighborhood? The E-Z-Go 2Five! Let's take a closer look at the 2Five golf cart and why it's the best choice for going "on road" when you're out and about.

the 2Five is an Environmentally Friendly Option

E-Z-Go calls their 2Five "a new spin on the family Sedan." But there's one specific advantage the 2Five has to your typical 4-door vehicle: It's fully electric!

It can seem like a waste of gas to take the car when you only need to go a mile or two to the store or the neighborhood pool, but it's also an inconvenient chore to walk when you're trying to keep track of the kids, sunscreen, swimsuits, or balance the weight of shopping bags on your way back from the store.

The 2Five lets you hit the Farmer's Market and head back without being weighed down or wasting gas.

Four Seats = Family Friendly!

The 2Five is a four-seater, perfect for a family cruising around the neighborhood.

A two-seater option is also available for the 2Five for couples looking for less in the way of seating and for more in the way of covered storage. For larger families, options like the E-Z-Go Express S6 Electric still get you that environmentally-friendly electric power, but seat up to six people.

The 2Five golf cart's seats are comfortable and 3-point seat belts with hip restraints are included! Those with very young children will want to make sure they pick up a booster seat so that the seat belts still position correctly to maintain safety on the road.

Did You Buy More Than You Expected At the Store? Extra Cargo Space is Included!

We've all headed to the store "just to grab a newspaper and a coffee" and then found ourselves leaving with six grocery bags and no idea how that happened.

The 2Five is designed with a a fold-down cargo deck that creates extra space right when you need it. Fold it back up to open the backseat up when you're done!

Pick Up the Optional Windshield Wiper Kit For Extra Protection

The E-Z-Go 2Five does come with a street-legal automotive safety-glass windshield, but we recommend picking up the optional two-speed windshield wiper kit as well, especially here in South Carolina where afternoons can go from clear and sunny to rainy in just a few minutes during those hot summer months.

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