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Great Ideas for Golf Cart Weddings

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Mar 23, 2016 10:24:51 AM

Golf Cart Wedding Ideas"Wedding season" isn't just in June. Many happy couples plan their weddings year-round, and the great part of living in beautiful South Carolina is that in many cases, you can incorporate a love of the outdoors into your big day no matter what the season!

We've rented golf carts to many clients for weddings, and we've seen more than a few cute ideas for incorporating golf carts into the reception, the ceremony, or both! Here we list a few of our favorites, just to give any newly engaged couples out there ideas for how to bring golf carts into their big day. 

1. Are you a golfer? Take your wedding to the green! If playing golf is a hobby or a passion for you and your spouse-to-be, consider planning a wedding at your favorite course! Most golf courses have a clubhouse that can be utilized for the after-wedding reception, keeping everything in one place and convenient for guests. Golf courses are beautifully maintained, and your guests will be awed by the views. A few golf carts will help to get everyone from the clubhouse to your wedding spot and back again, so even relatives with mobility issues will have no problem enjoying a wedding held halfway across the course.

2. Turn your golf cart into a personal statement with decorations! Decorating one special cart for the bride and groom allows for even more personalization. Make your wedding golf cart your own! Use streamers, fresh flowers, and other decorations to match the cart to your wedding's colors and theme. You can even toss on a "just married" banner for after-wedding photos and the trip to the reception. It's a wonderful way to make your post-wedding entrance!

3. More a fan of the wild outdoors than you are of golf? A golf cart still has you covered on your big day. Many couples looking for an outdoor wedding aren't thinking about the golf course as much as they are larger rustic venues such as an old farm or ranch. In many of these locations, the 'reception' part of the venue (whether it's a renovated barn or what used to be the family's ranch house) might be a good distance from your ideal spot for saying "I do." In that case, a tougher cart like a Bad Boy or heavier-duty E-Z-Go model might be the perfect way to ensure everyone makes it without getting stuck or having to hike over rougher terrain.

4. Are you throwing a large wedding and you're worried about getting all the guests where they're going? Rent golf carts with a larger capacity! With some larger weddings, you may balk at renting 30 golf carts for 120 people. That is, after all, a lot of carts to keep track of. With Hospitality options that can seat up to 8 per cart, however, your guests will be able to spend more time talking and catching up on their way to and from the ceremony itself! Ask your local golf cart dealership about rental options for larger events.

5. For our final idea, we suggest using a golf cart or carts at a beach wedding to protect the outfits of the happy couple and their guests. You might be surprised to learn that many of the clients we sell new or preowned golf carts to aren't avid golfers - they're beach-goers! With golf carts, you can have your wedding right next to the surf without worrying about coating the hem of your dress or spending half an hour trying to shake sand out of your shoes.

Planning a wedding or looking to rent golf carts for a family vacation or other occasion? Go With Garret's Specialty Vehicles is here to help! We can provide golf cart rentals for small groups or large events and we're happy to work with clients all throughout South Carolina.

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