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How Golf Carts Help in the Neighborhood

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Mar 2, 2016 10:08:43 AM

Golf Carts in the Neighborhood by Garrett's Discount Golf CarsThe downside to living in a great neighborhood or right along the beach is often that "popping over" to meet friends for dinner or heading out for a dip in the ocean means you still need to pack up the car to drive there, even if the distance is only a mile or two. It can be frustrating to waste the gas and find a parking spot, especially in a smaller neighborhood or when a friend is having a dinner party.

Have you considered picking up a golf cart instead? Here are a few ways a golf cart can help you get around in your neighborhood:

Faster Than Walking, Greener Than Driving

Walking a mile or two is good for your health, but when you're also carting beach towels, pool toys, snacks, your phones, clothes to change into, small children who need someone to be holding their hand, or other supplies you may need, investing in a new or preowned golf cart may be a great way to keep yourself from getting bogged down while trying to reach your destination.

Heading to a friend's house for a dinner party? Rather than waste gas on a short car trip, pack the food you'll be bringing into your golf cart and head on over! With an electric cart, you'll be making the eco-friendly choice.

Your Cart Will Carry Everything You Need

One reason so many people choose to drive even just a few houses down instead of walking is because it isn't often we head out any longer without our arms loaded down with essentials! It might be supplies for dinner or a party, or the add-ons that come with having children or just an active lifestyle. 

A golf cart can help mitigate that without requiring everyone to spend the time loading up the car. You can just store everything in the back of your golf cart and head out. When heading out to the beach, you'll be able to store beach towels, chairs, snacks, drinks, and anything else you need quickly and easily.

Live Local, Buy Local, Travel Local

The "buy local" movement is catching fire all over the country, and nowhere more so than in South Carolina. Our customers are always coming in mentioning their goal to keep their shopping local, and golf carts are a great way to do that! When you commit to taking a golf cart out instead of starting up the car, you may find yourself more interested in stopping by smaller, locally-owned businesses to pick up last-minute refreshments for a party or to find yourself the perfect beach sandals for a family vacation.

We're a South Carolina-owned and operated business, and we know how important it is to keep your dollars local whenever possible. Having a golf cart around the neighborhood is a great way to encourage keeping your focus close to home.

What Kind of Cart Do You Need? We Can Help.

There are dozens of golf cart models to choose from, whether you're looking for the traditional 'golf course' aesthetic or something a little bit more rugged and heavy-duty, Garrett's Discount Golf Cars has what you're looking for. We provide sales for new and preowned options, as well as service, parts and accessories, and even customization options that ensure the golf cart that you take home is tailor-made for your lifestyle.

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