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Let's Customize Your Golf Cart!

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Jul 14, 2016 9:02:26 AM

Golf cart customizationWhile we often talk about the customized windshields, coolers, and other options we have available to make your E-Z-Go, Bad Boy, or Cushman cart or ATV perfect for you and your family, we know that our customers like to come in totally prepared.

Today, we've put together a brief guide on what you can expect when you come into our Greenville, Columbia, or Charleston locations looking for a customized golf cart just for you.

First Off: What's Your Range?

Our customers like to come in with a budget for their customized cart already in mind. We like to sit down with them and look into how much they're looking to spend and what sorts of options they're interested in. For instance, are they looking to pick up a brand-new cart customized just for them, or are they looking to buy preowned and add on unique options after the fact?

Next Up: The Build Sheet

Margaritaville Customized Cart

The next step is for our customers to look over what we call the "build sheet". It's a list of over 50 additions or other custom options that customers can have added on. Everything from better off-road tires, to light kits, extended top, seat covers, and more.

We'll also discuss paint options at this time. Sometimes customers are looking to match their alma mater or college of choice — we've done more than a few Clemson or USC carts for customers who like to show their devotion all year round! Other customers may be looking for something very unique and just for them, like this Margaritaville cart!

Then: Building From Scratch

While brand new carts are quicker to customize, even our preowned carts will be totally stripped down and rebuilt to ensure that the customization process is done right. Newer carts may have some of the work done at the E-Z-Go factory, but much of the physical customization will still take place at one of our three locations. Once everything is put together, finalized, and double-checked to ensure we've hit every single thing our customers asked for, the fun part really begins.

Finally: The Reveal!

Whether the customer wants pickup or (local) delivery is up to them, but our favorite part of the whole process is seeing how thrilled they are to see the final product! After that, we know that our customer leaves happy with their custom golf cart and we're always happy to help!

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