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Golf Cart Lift Kits, Explained

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Mar 30, 2018 11:49:05 AM

Golf Cart Lift Kits_1We’ve talked before about how to have a great experience with your golf cart on the course, as well as things you can do with your golf cart around the neighborhood. Have you ever considered the possibilities that can open up for you by adding a lift kit to your cart?

Lift kits allow you to increase the cart's stability, exchange stock wheels and tires for bigger ones, carry heavier loads, and even go off road. Let’s take a closer look at just what lift kits are, and how they can make your golf cart experience even better!

Drop Spindle Lift Kits

Depending on your needs, the type of golf cart lift kit you should get will differ. First, there is the drop spindle lift kit. This is probably the most popular lift kit among golf cart owners due to how easy it is to install, as well as the low price tag.

Drop spindle kits tap into your cart’s existing suspension and increase the size and length of the spindle. This increases the overall stability of your golf cart for when you want to take those sharp corners at high speed.

A-Arm Lift Kits

Second is the A-Arm lift kit. Unlike the drop spindle lift kit that integrates into your existing suspension, the A-Arm kit essentially replaces the front suspension on your golf cart. The advantage of this is a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Additionally, the A-Arm lift kit can accommodate larger tires, so you can get all the benefits that a drop spindle kit provides along with the enhanced riding experience and top speed.

Drop Axle Lift Kit

Next, the drop axle lift kit, is one of the more cost-friendly lift kit solutions. The drop axle lift kit is a very popular option because it is reliable and economical. However, it can take a larger time investment to install when compared with other lift kit types.

The drop axle lift kit is an all around great option and can add style and practicality to any golf cart.

Block Lift Kits

Last but not least, we have block lift kits. These kits are generally very easy to install and give your cart an instant 4” boost in height, allowing you to install many different wheel and tire sizes. Although block lift kits are inexpensive and easy to install, they only come in the 4” size so there are fewer options than with an A-Arm, drop axle, or spindle lift kit.

Regardless of the type of lift kit you choose, they can all provide a boost to the practicality and fun of your golf cart experience. Whether you want to take your golf cart off the road, haul larger payloads, or just increase stability for safety reasons, lift kits are a great option for any golf cart enthusiast. If you would like to purchase a lift kit for your golf cart, or just want to learn more about the things you can do with them, give us a call or contact us online and we’d be happy to help you out!

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