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Proper Maintenance for your Trojan Golf Cart Battery

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Feb 26, 2019 9:35:00 AM

Trojan BatteryTrojan golf cart batteries are the best golf cart batteries on the market. If you've purchased a golf cart from us in the past, it's very likely your golf cart is equipped with a set of Trojan batteries. One of the most helpful things you can do to keep your golf cart running at its best is to maintain the Trojan golf cart battery that keeps it moving. Your Trojan battery is a high quality battery that needs proper maintenance to be kept in excellent condition.

Here are 8 tips to properly maintain your Trojan golf cart battery.

Inspect the Battery

Making a habit of inspecting your Trojan golf cart battery on a frequent basis will go a long way in extending its life. You can start this habit as soon as you first purchase the battery. Look for cracks in the container, make sure the cables are not frayed,  and look for liquids or corrosion on the top of the battery and along the connections.


Give your battery routine voltage and gravity checks to assess the health of the battery.

Keep Top of the Battery Dry, Clean and Tight

To clean the battery, wear eye protection and rubber gloves. Use a bristle brush and a solution of baking soda and water. Use an anti-corrosive spray for the cables to prevent corrosion and rust. Make sure all connections are solid and remove any rust and corrosion.

Charge Battery 8-10 Hours with Proper Charger

Keep your battery charged with the proper charger and charge the battery overnight after you are finished using the cart for the day. Charge even if you only use the cart for 5 minutes as letting the battery lose power can damage it. Consider a high quality automatic battery charger. You can plug it in and let it charge overnight without worrying about going out to shut it off.

Don’t Overcharge Battery

Overcharging the battery can result in damage and poor performance. The best way to ensure you don’t overcharge is to use an automatic battery charger. If you don’t have an automatic charger, be vigilant and make sure you turn the charger off as soon as your battery is fully charged. Additionally, don’t charge a frozen battery and don’t charge a battery when it is over 120 degrees.

Keep Golf Cart Battery Cells Full

Fill battery cells with distilled water one quarter to one half inch above the plates. Do not use tap water. The water level you fill will dictate how often you will need to check the battery. Filling one quarter inch of water means you’ll have to check your batteries more often, and if you fill with one half inch of water,  you’ll have more acid accumulation. Do not overfill to the cap.

Use Golf Cart Batteries Often

This may be difficult to do if you are a seasonal user; however, you should do a refresh charge of the battery every 45-60 days and even more frequently in hotter climates. If you don’t use your golf cart as frequently as you would like, you can use a golf cart battery with an advanced storage mode feature which gives an automatic refresh charge while you are away.

Give Your Battery Some TLC

Your golf cart is a wonderful and versatile vehicle, but it does have its limits! Don’t force the cart up very steep hills and don’t take it for long distances it is not designed for. This will strain the battery. Additionally, turn off any electronics like lights or the radio when you are done using the cart or even if the cart is just idling. This can drain the battery quickly and cause an early purchase for a new one. The battery ideally should last 5 or more years.

Although all of these tips will help ensure your battery has a long life, eventually you will require a new one or some maintenance that is difficult to perform at home. If you have any questions regarding your golf cart or golf cart batteries, don't hesitate to give us a call! We can help you out with any of your golf cart needs!

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