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Should I Install a New Golf Cart Windshield?

Posted by Katherine Faulk on Jul 12, 2017 11:21:45 AM

Golf Cart Windshield InstallationEven when a golf cart or ATV comes equipped with a windshield at purchase, it may not be the right windshield for the work you have planned. 

Installing a new golf cart windshield is sometimes necessary to keep your golf cart street-legal. But even drivers who primarily use their golf carts or ATVS off-road may wonder if they should have a windshield installed — and DIY types might want to do the installation themselves.

How can you know if installing a windshield on a golf cart is the right choice for you?

Ask Yourself: What Do You Use Your Golf Cart For?

If your cart is simply for the occasional trip to the golf course, a windshield may not be an investment you're willing to immediately make.

Still, it's worth considering the added value. With a windshield installed, you're one step closer to being able to take your golf cart out to the Farmer's Market or onto a road (just be sure it's insured first!).

If you drive your golf cart along the beach, a windshield is almost certainly going to improve your experience! Nobody likes sand in their eyes, and unfortunately a breezy day at the beach could leave you squinting just to see past what the wind kicks up.

Do you primarily use your golf cart around the farm or for landscape or hospitality work? Windshields come in handy here, too! South Carolina is heavily prone to those sudden rainstorms that seem to appear with no warning, and a windshield helps keep water out of the inside of your golf cart. It will also limit the amount of dirt that finds its way into your golf cart's interior, helping you stay cleaner while you're out on the job.

If you're the kind to take your ATV into the woods or through one of South Carolina's ATV parks, you may be wondering what good a windshield will do since you're going to get the ATV dirty anyway. Here's your answer: Windshields add useful eye protection by keeping out much of the debris that might otherwise be blowing your way.

Should I Have a Dealer Install My Golf Cart Windshield?

If installing a golf cart windshield is a project you'd like to take on yourself, it's definitely doable. Just make sure you do your research in advance and wear safety gloves while working.

If you have any concerns, stop by your local golf cart dealer and ask them about the process — they might be happy to walk you through a visual demonstration so you can see what you'll be doing.

Not the Do-It-Yourself type? Check in with a licensed golf cart dealer in South Carolina like Go With Garrett's!

We'd be happy to have our customization department take a look at your golf cart, let you know which windshield would work best (there are several different kinds of windshields), and install it for you. We have plenty of experience with installing new, custom golf cart windshields, and we stand behind our customer service and our craftsmanship.

Either way, you'll be able to enjoy your golf cart a little bit more with the added protection from the elements that a windshield brings.

Golf Cart Customizations in South Carolina, With Garrett's!

Whether it's a windshield you're searching for, a custom grip steering wheel, a lift kit to help you take on off-roading with more confidence and a smoother ride, or just about any golf cart customizations you can imagine, Go With Garrett's Golf Cars and Specialty Vehicles is here to help!

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