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What Are The Different Golf Cart Options?

Posted by Katherine Faulk on May 31, 2017 1:25:15 PM

Which type of golf cart is right for you?A golf cart is a golf cart, right? Well... not exactly.

Golf carts these days come with a ton of options, and the basic choice between gasoline or electric is really just the beginning.

Today, we'll take a look at the different types of golf carts available and how to decide which type is right for you.

Traditional Golf Carts Go Far Beyond the Course

While you might think a traditional golf cart can't do much more than ferry you and your family or friends around the golf course, even the most basic E-Z-Go golf carts are brilliantly designed to multi-task, no matter where you need them to go.

If you're looking for a way to haul the kids and all their gear from home to the neighborhood swimming pool, E-Z-Go has multi-seat options that let the whole family make the trip without having to leave anything behind. A customized cargo bed provides extra storage space, so you can pack the sunscreen, a picnic lunch, and your favorite pool floats, too.

With some customized enclosures that keep you out the sun and sand, E-Z-Go golf carts transition seamlessly from household use to the beach!

Empty-nesters looking for something to help them make a quick trip to the Farmer's Market can pick a two-seater with storage and enjoy a golf cart sized to suit their needs.

ATVs Made for Hard Work

ATVs are usually seen as simply recreational — just a nice way to get out and enjoy a state park or make the most of a sunny day at home. While our ATVs are perfect for home use, they're also excellent at helping you work hard on the farm or in other professional capacities.

For instance, one of our high-powered, reliable Bad Boy golf carts and ATVs can carry heavy loads, navigate uneven pastures or forest terrain, and can even help you get to your favorite hunting spot without a lot of trouble or unnecessary work. Whether you need something tough to help you out on the back forty or you're hard at work close to home, our ATVs know how to get the job done.

Finally — for Manufacturing, Landscaping, and Hospitality

We usually recommend Cushman carts for industries related to manufacturing or hospitality. Cushman's many options allow them to perform the specific services you're searching for.

If you need a heavy-duty cart that can haul some serious weight in your manufacturing facility, Cushman's got you covered. Their heavy-duty carts also work well for landscaping operations when you're toting heavy loads. They even work well around the farm and complement operations already utilizing an ATV.

For resorts or hotels seeking to transport guests in comfort and style, Cushman's more traditional designs combine that comfortable golf-cart feel with reliable, high-quality engines for a quiet, smooth ride.

With seating up for to eight people, Cushman carts are designed exceed the high expectations you'll encounter in the hospitality industry.

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Describing the different types of new and used golf carts for sale in South Carolina is all well and good, but we understand that sometimes you have to see it to believe it. That's why we'd love for you to come and visit us!

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