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Garrett's Golf Cars Blog

Which Type of Golf Cart is Right For You?

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Jan 22, 2016 4:59:26 PM

whichgolfcartrightforyou.gifWhile most people only think of one kind of vehicle when they think of a golf cart, there’s actually a lot of variations made for every lifestyle! Golf carts comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, suited to all kinds of personal requirements. If you’re wondering which type of personal golf car vehicle is right for you, we’ve got a few questions to help you find the answer.

  • Are you looking for an easier way to get around your neighborhood? Then you’re looking for something close to the traditional model! A golf cart option like those from E-Z-Go may be the right choice for you! With an easy ride, room in the back for storage, and electric options that save you money on gas, E-Z-Go models are great for getting you from your home to the community pool or just to see your friends across the neighborhood. Ask about street legal options!
  • On the other hand, maybe you’re looking for something heavy-duty that can take you off the beaten path. An off-road vehicle (like those from Bad Boy Buggies) can take you just about anywhere. Whether you’re looking to cart supplies around the farm, going for a ride in the woods, or headed out for a day of hunting, Bad Boy Buggies can handle it. Great for farmers, ranchers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Do you need something seriously heavy-duty for construction, manufacturing, large fulfillment centers, or even just for home use? Look into the great vehicles provided by Cushman. They make everything from heavy-duty burden carriers and haulers to street-legal vehicles for landscaping and more. You won’t have to worry about being overburdened, whether you’re looking to haul feed and seed around the farm or need something to help organize your manufacturing facility.
  • Of course, there is always the golf cart’s original purpose… Don’t think that just because we have so many options on offer, that we’ve neglected the original golf cart! Not only do we offer great, dependable golf and turf options from E-Z-Go and Cushman, we can customize your new golf cart to fit not just your lifestyle, but your personality too! Ask us about paint and other customization options!

While many people believe the only golf carts available are the kind you see heading across the green, we here at Garrett’s Discount Golf Cars work hard to provide you with options that fit just about any lifestyle. Whether you need a vehicle for golf, commercial use, hunting, or even just for taking a ride around the neighborhood, Garrett’s has got you covered!

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