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What to Do When Your Golf Cart Won't Start.

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Feb 24, 2016 9:04:49 AM

Common golf cart repairs with Garrett's Discount Golf CarsWhile golf carts are great for getting around your neighborhood, the golf course, down at the beach, or during a family or corporate event, they do have one serious downside — they will, just like any vehicle, eventually need repairs. Don't panic if your golf cart starts having issues — odds are it's going to be one of these common problems that will be fairly easy to have repaired.

Your Golf Cart Won't Start. Let's Take a Look.

First, try this: turn the key switch on, hit the accelerator, and check for a clicking noise. If you don't hear clicking, it's time to take a look at your cart's batteries. Make sure the battery is fully charged and the terminals are cleaned and secure. Next, see how the water level in the battery is holding up. If the level is low, you'll need to add distilled water, until the plates inside the battery are fully covered.

Other battery issues, such as off-kilter wiring or corrosion and melted wires could be causing your ignition. If you find a leak, you'll need to replace the battery itself. If you've tried just about everything and nothing works? It's time to call in a professional to take a look.

Is the Key Switch the Issue?

The key switch is the connector between the starter and the battery. Heavy use of the switch will eventually wear it out, so it's worth checking the key switch specifically if you're having issues getting your golf cart started. Check the area for loose wires or any broken pieces. You'll also want to look at your forward and reverse switch, which is also prone to wearing out after long-term use. This is an easy fix — replacing the forward/reverse switch is a generally inexpensive and quick repair. You'll want to make sure you have an experienced golf cart service professional do so, though, as the use of electric wires could give you a pretty bad shock if you're not careful.

What About the Solenoids?

The solenoid is a cylindrical coil of wire that works as the magnet carrying an electric current. This is a very common reason for golf cart’s not starting. Battery currents run to the motor through the solenoids, and you should always hear the solenoids clicking every time you press down on the accelerator. If you don't hear it, bring your golf cart in for a tune up.

Always Take Care to Check the Brakes.

Golf cart brakes will wear down much the same as any automobile, and so they need regular repair through adjustment, cleaning, or even eventual replacement. Many of the smaller repairs, such as adjustment or cleaning, can be done at home with what you already have in your tool box. You'll want to give us a call to make sure you order the right brakes for your particular brand and model of cart. Big repairs, like brake replacement, should probably involve bringing your golf cart in to be seen by one of our technicians.

Sometimes a major problem looks minor on the outside, so don't start your DIY repairs without speaking to an expert first. At Garrett's Discount Golf Cars, we can handle it all — engine tune ups, oil changes, battery work, tire replacement, joint lubrication, even installing new custom parts to make your golf cart truly your own. Whether you're interested in new or pre-owned golf carts, we're ready to show you the very best.

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