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How to Rejuvenate your Golf Cart Battery

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Jan 3, 2023 3:13:11 PM

How to bring a golf cart battery back to life

If your golf cart battery doesn’t take you as far as it is used to, we have some tips for you!

We recommend equalizing the cells, cleaning the terminals and cables, and maintaining the correct water level. This extends your battery lifespan and improves its performance.Trojan Battery

In another blog, we discuss how to take care of your battery during the winter. While we tell you to clean, charge, and disconnect from any source of the electrical drain. You may need more than this to have your battery ready by spring.

Before you read on, these recommendations only work on lead-acid batteries

We’ve put together some ways to DIY fix your golf cart battery. The results are not guaranteed and depend on how long your batteries have sat without a charge or if they take charge.

Also, please be careful when handling batteries! They contain harmful chemicals that may cause physical damage. Work in a well-ventilated area and wear protective eyeglasses and gloves to reduce your chances of injury. Okay, let’s get started! 

Equalize the Cells

One way to rejuvenate golf cart batteries is to equalize the cells. Over time, the individual cells in a golf cart battery can become unbalanced, with some cells carrying a higher charge than others. This can lead to reduced performance and shortened lifespan. Equalizing the cells involves fully charging the battery, then overcharging it slightly to bring the cells back into balance.

This can be done using a battery charger with a built-in equalization function.

Equalization Process:

  • Before equalizing, ensure batteries are the flooded type NOT AGM or GEL
  • Check electrolyte level - plates should be covered
  • Secure vent caps
  • Remove all loads from batteries
  • Set the charger to equalization mode
  • Batteries will gas or bubble - This is normal
  • Measure the specific gravities every hour using a Hydrometer
  • Stop the equalization charge when the specific gravities no longer increase

If you are a visual learner, watch this video by the Director of Quality Assurance and Technical Services at Trojan Battery.

Clean the Terminals and Cables

Another way to restore golf cart batteries is to clean the terminals and cables. Over time, the terminals and cables of a golf cart battery can become coated in a layer of corrosion. This can hinder the flow of electricity and reduce performance. Cleaning the terminals and cables involves removing the corrosion using a wire brush or battery terminal cleaner and applying a layer of corrosion-resistant terminal grease. This can help improve the battery’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Water Levels

In addition to equalizing the cells and cleaning the terminals and cables, it is also essential to maintain the correct water level in golf cart batteries. Like those used in golf carts, lead-acid batteries require regular watering to prevent the plates from becoming exposed and damaged. Distilled water should be added to the cells until it reaches the indicated level. Be careful not to overfill the cells, as this can cause problems as well.

While golf cart batteries cannot be restored to their original state, the steps above can extend your battery lifespan and improve performance. It is recommended to regularly check and maintain your golf cart batteries to ensure they are in good working order.

Depending on your battery, the effectiveness of the tips above may vary. If you are not using a Trojan battery, we recommend that you read our Trojan Buyers Guide. They last longer, produce more power, and are more efficient than most batteries on the market. If you are using a Trojan battery, here are 8 ways you can properly maintain your battery

Although all of these tips will help you repair your golf cart battery and ensure your battery has a long life. Eventually, you will require a new one or some maintenance that is difficult to perform at home. If you need more than just battery maintenance, our service and repair center can help you with any need. We can help you out with any of your golf cart needs!

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