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Spring Is Coming: Is Your Golf Cart Ready?

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Feb 15, 2018 12:00:00 AM

golf-carts-1673157_1280.jpgIt’s coming, can you feel it? While it’s still technically winter, the temperatures in South Carolina are already warming up. Spring is almost here!

That means it’s almost time to break your golf cart out of storage and get it ready for a joy ride around the neighborhood, or a relaxing 18 holes on the course.

Even if your golf cart has been stored perfectly over the winter, there are still some things you’ll want to check on before it’s ready for the season. Here’s a list of things you should check to make sure you’re ready to roll!

Do a little spring cleaning

While you’re already in the mindset to give everything around the house a good clean, why not also give your golf cart a good wash? Even under the best storage conditions your cart will likely have picked up some dust, dirt, or other grime that will keep it from sparkling in the sun.

Get out the water bucket, soap, and microfiber towels and get your cart looking brand new!

Make sure the battery has enough water

Whether you forgot to top off your batteries water reservoir or the water just evaporated over time, you should always check the level of water in your battery before attempting to charge it up for the spring.

The ideal water level is right at the height of the battery cells so that they’re just barely covered. If by chance you do need to fill up your battery reservoir, make sure to use distilled water! 

Is there air in your tires?

One of the most common things you’ll run into after storing a golf cart for a long period of time is flat tires. You definitely don’t want to be driving a golf cart around if the air in your tires is low.

Make sure that air hasn’t escaped the tires while your cart was in storage, and refill them if it has. If you think your cart could use new tires altogether, we can help you out!

Charge your battery

Many people (but probably not you) forget to charge their batteries before putting their carts away for the winter. If charging your golf carts battery did happen to slip your mind, charge it up and test it to make sure it works properly. If it does, you’re good to go!

If, however, your cart seems sluggish or you can’t start it at all, it might be a good idea to check with your local golf cart dealer to see if you need a brand-new battery for your cart.

Give your cart One More Look

After cleaning your cart, checking the water level in your battery, monitoring the air pressure in your tires, and charging your golf cart battery you should pretty much be ready to go.

Just walk around your cart a couple of times looking for anything out of the ordinary, loose screws or bolts for example, and make sure that everything looks and feels good. Once you’re confident that everything’s on the up and up, you’ll be ready to take your golf cart for its first spin of the spring season!

Don’t enjoy doing mechanical projects yourself? Don’t stress!

Go with Garrett’s Golf Cars and Specialty Vehicles excels at inspecting and repairing golf carts. If mechanical projects aren’t your thing, just stop by and have us look your cart over. We can schedule a tune-up, repair, or even talk about customizations to make your cart the hottest thing in your neighborhood! You can reach us by giving us a call at (864) 862-7709 for our Greenville location, or (843) 881-8894 for Charleston. You can also contact us online at any time!


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