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3 Essentials Golf Cart Customizations For Summer

Posted by Katherine Faulk on Jul 19, 2017 2:49:30 PM

Essential Golf Cart Customizations for SummerWhile the summer heat is driving us all indoors to enjoy some cool, refreshing A/C, it doesn't have to ruin your golf game — or keep you from enjoying your golf cart or ATV however you see fit!

Rather than put your golf cart into storage until cooler days prevail, why not pick up a few perfect-for-summer customizations that can help you enjoy your E-Z-Go, Textron Off Road, or Cushman golf cart all year round?

We've put together a short list of our favorite golf cart customizations designed to keep you cool when the thermostat climbs.

1. Keep Drinks Cool Without Ever Leaving Your Cart!

We actually have two suggestions here. While one is designed to help you create a custom golf cart experience, the other suggestion works anywhere and everywhere you go.

First, consider picking up a cooler! We have coolers available that are sized to fit perfectly in your golf cart, without taking up too much space. They'll help to keep drinks cool in the summer, so your water will feel even more refreshing and help you stay hydrated to fend off the summer heat.

Our second suggestion doesn't customize your golf cart, but it does customize your summer experience! If you're not sure that you need a whole cooler, try picking up a Grizzly Grip Cup! These durable double-walled travel cups can go with you anywhere and everywhere, and they'll keep your drink at its temperature for hours. They're not just for summer use either. We've used them to keep our coffee hot until nearly lunchtime in the cold winter temps, too!

2. Enclosures Keep the Elements Out and Comfort In

By design, golf carts and ATVs have a lot of open space. Rather than the traditional sealed-off car door, they instead are largely open for easy in-and-out access.

During the summer, this can mean letting more heat in, making it harder to keep drinks cool and much harder to keep yourself cool. If an afternoon rain hits before you finish your ride, there's no way to keep the precipitation out.

Golf cart enclosures keep you dry and comfortable whether you're headed to the Farmer's Market or around the neighborhood! These enclosures come in a variety of colors to suit your custom golf cart ideas, and the durable material works well no matter what the season. Available for nearly all of our models, our various enclosure styles fit 2- to 6-passenger golf carts.

3. Once You've Got Enclosures, Golf Cart Fans Keep You Cool

Our top choice for the perfect golf cart customization for summer? A golf cart heating and cooling unit! The best year-round customization for golf carts we've seen, these units include a fan that helps keep you cool in the summer (and it's even more effective with golf cart enclosures!), and provides heat during the winter to offset the cold temperatures that might otherwise send you running indoors.

With a DC-DC Converter, you'll even be able to maintain battery performance and avoid draining the battery prematurely!

Where's the Best Spot to Pick Up Golf Cart Customizations in South Carolina?

Come on, you know what our answer's going to be!

Go With Garrett's Golf Cars and Specialty Vehicles has two locations spanning South Carolina, so just about anywhere you live is just a short drive away. We'll help you pick out new or preowned golf carts and ATVs that suit your lifestyle, hobbies, and personal taste. Plus, we have the customizations you need to make your new golf cart truly your own.

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