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Golf Course Etiquette 101

Posted by Katherine Faulk on Jul 26, 2017 1:08:06 PM

Golf Course Etiquette 101When you head out for a day of golf (or just a morning, to make sure you're back before the heat of the day), you may choose to use the golf carts provided by the course you're visiting — or maybe you like to bring your own customized golf cart!

Whichever you choose, it's important to know basic golf cart etiquette to ensure you're kind to the course, kind to other golfers, and kind to your cart. Check out our six rules of etiquette below.

1. Keep to the Path — Or the 90-Degree Rule

Golf cart paths are meticulously planned and maintained to ensure that golfers can use golf carts when needed without doing damage to the green. The turf can be vulnerable to damage, especially after serious rain, and so it's important to stick to the path whenever possible. This helps keep the golf course well-maintained and visually pleasing, as well as ensuring that muddy tracks don't make it more difficult to play the game.

Sometimes — seriously muddy days being a good example — you may need to leave the path on your cart in order to play comfortably. On those days, you'll be asked to stick to the "90-degree rule" — take your golf cart out on the fairway, but maintain a 90-degree angle from the cart path to a spot even with your ball. This rule may be in effect only for muddier parts of the course, or it may need to be followed for the whole game.

If you're not sure whether or not the 90-degree rule will be in effect, just ask when you first arrive. They should be able to tell you right away if you need to take any special precautions while playing.

2. Follow the Safety Rules

Most golf courses will have safety rules or warnings posted near the golf carts or before you enter the course itself. These rules might include a limit to the amount of passengers in one cart, or a reminder to keep your arms and legs inside the cart while moving, to not imbibe alcoholic beverages if you're driving a golf cart, to wait until all passengers are fully seated before accelerating, or other such cautionary statements.

Following basic golf cart safety rules can make your game more enjoyable, so it's worth giving yourself a quick refresh on ways to stay safe on the golf course before you head out.

3. Keep Away From Tee Boxes and Other Obstacles

While many of our E-Z-Go and Cushman golf carts are made to have the best available golf cart steering, many carts may not turn on a dime. If you see tee boxes, make sure you steer your golf cart totally clear of them to avoid any issues. You'll also want to stay 30 feet away from the greens — especially if you see a sign that says something like, "No carts beyond this point".

Also be sure to stay away from water hazards, which can seriously damage golf carts, and mounds, which the golf cart itself can damage.

4. Treat the Turf Like Your Own

Sharp turns, going above the suggested speed, stopping suddenly — all of these can damage the turf grass. Protect the grasses and any wildlife by keeping a wide berth.

5. Watch For Other Players

Don't drive the cart in front of other players or attempt to "cut them off", even in jest. When a player is addressing the ball, it's considered common courtesy not to drive the golf cart forward or back.

Provide other players with the same courtesy with which you would like to be treated, and the game will be a better and more peaceful experience for everyone.

6. Go Around the Back Before Putting

On the same note as the prior suggestion to be courteous to other players, we usually suggest driving the golf cart around the back of the green before putting (or at least before you enter the scores).

Ensuring that the next group doesn't have to wait for you to clear out before they can play helps to provide a more enjoyable golfing experience for everyone.

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