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Street Vs. Off-Road Golf Cart Tires: Which Is Right For You?

Posted by Katherine Faulk on Feb 1, 2017 10:08:00 AM

Golf Cart ATV TiresOne of the most common customizations that our customers are looking for? Specialized golf cart tires ordered in just for their E-Z-Go, Bad Boy, or Cushman golf cart or ATV.

Specialized tires can give even a pre-owned cart a fresh new look, add to your golf car's overall lifespan, and make sure that your low-speed vehicle is a truly perfect fit for your family and lifestyle.

How can you know just what kind of tires to choose? The best place to start your search is by deciding whether you need street tires or off-road.

Are You Taking Your Golf Cart Off-Road or Sticking to the Street?

We've had customers before come in dead-set on getting a set of off-road tires mostly because they appreciated the aesthetics, but off-road tires serve a very important purpose and really are better-suited to golf carts and ATVs that are used to farming, hunting, hitting up one of South Carolina's beautiful ATV-friendly parks, or for other explicitly off-road purposes.

If you live in a neighborhood? Those heavy, huge off-road tires won't be a benefit and may actually be less convenient for you. Your usual street tire will be a better fit for you, since we offer street tires designed to create a smooth ride with good traction, useful even during the colder winter days or during rainy weather.

If you're the off-the-beaten-path type, that's when off-road tires are right for you!

All-terrain tires with an interlocking tread pattern help with maintaining good traction even when the ground is muddy, rocky, or hard to cover.

One reason we don't recommend picking up off-road tires "just because"? You'll need a lift kit for proper fit and installation. Off-road tires are larger and wider than street tires, and we just don't think our customers should put in the extra expense unless they're really going to get out there in South Carolina's natural landscape and make the most of what those off-road tires can offer!

If you stick to street tires, you won't need a lift kit and can save a little money then and there.

Go With Garrett's Has Golf Cart Tire Options

Our customization department doesn't just deal in little things like a cooler to help keep our drinks cold even in South Carolina's blazing summer heat or enclosures to help keep sand and rain out when you're down at the beach.

We provide just about any customization you can imagine for your golf cart, including specialized off-road tires, custom paint jobs (check out our favorites over here), and other options.

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