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Looking For A Golf Cart For Sale? - Consider These Factors

Posted by Tara Ann Garrett on Aug 14, 2023 8:50:49 AM

Buying a golf cart is a major investment, not an impulsive purchase.EZGO Golf Cart For this investment to yield optimal results, keeping a definitive plan and list of "must-haves" before engaging with sellers is essential.

With numerous models and options available, the process can quickly become overwhelming, leading to frustration and ending up with a golf cart that neither suits your needs nor provides value for money. 

To guide you in making an ideal golf cart purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider. Outlining these key criteria will equip you with the knowledge to make a smart decision when buying your new golf cart.

Seriously thinking about buying a golf cart? Download our definitive Golf Cart Buyer’s Guide.


Establish The Need

This is perhaps the most important factor when buying a golf cart. Like buying a family vehicle, getting a two-seater sports car that doesn’t meet your needs wastes time and money.

Therefore, we encourage you to determine which needs you need the cart to fulfill since it will significantly impact your final decision. For instance, are you interested in a cart for leisurely drives on a golf course? Do you need a golf cart to transfer employees around your workplace? If so, it might require a street-legal cart. On the other hand, if you are navigating rough terrains, a larger, more powerful utility golf cart might be necessary. Deliberating on these needs will give you a clearer sense of direction and aid in selecting the cart that best serves your requirements.

Used Vs. New Golf Cart

Another major consideration is whether to buy a used or new golf cart. A new golf cart provides the latest features and technology and warranty coverage for defects. However, new carts come at a premium cost. 

Used golf carts offer significant savings over new models. You can find quality used carts in great condition at a fraction of the price. Buying used carts also allows you to afford upgrades and accessories you may not have been able to with a new cart. If you decide to go with a used golf cart, be sure to check its history and get it inspected to identify any issues. 

Gas vs. Electric Golf Cart

The choice between a gas vs. electric golf cart has recently become more prevalent among our customers.  Although both types can get the job done, weighing the pros and cons of each is crucial to determine which option aligns better with your specific needs and usage requirements.

The following comparison table highlights the major differences between gas vs. electric golf carts:



Gas Golf Cart

Electric Golf Cart 

Engine Power

Strong torque and horsepower

Less powerful electric motor

Top Speed

Faster top speeds

Slower maximum speeds

Driving Range

Longer range per tank of gas

Shorter range on battery charge

Terrain Handling

Better for hilly courses

Suited for flatter terrain

Environmental Impact

Produce air and noise pollution

Zero emissions and very quiet


More - oil changes, tune-ups

Less - no engine upkeep

Fuel Efficiency




Lower upfront cost

Higher operating costs

Higher initial purchase price

Low operating cost


Passenger & Storage Capacity

This factor is part of assessing the need, and here you want to identify how many passengers the cart should carry, as well as cargo requirements. Basic 2-passenger golf carts work well for single riders or couples, and 4-passenger carts accommodate groups of 3-4 people. If you need to transport larger groups or teams, a 6-seater golf cart or even larger than that would be ideal.

For storage, some utility golf carts are built-in with a front tray and rear basket to haul clubs/bags. Carts with fold-down back seats provide expanded cargo space to carry additional gear and supplies. Some carts also have under-seat storage compartments for storing small items. 

Golf Cart Customization & Accessories

This is one of the most fun aspects of buying a golf cart, especially if you opt for a used golf cart - This is an opportunity to make it your own. Golf cart customization gives you the creative freedom to tailor your cart to meet your needs and match your taste, ultimately enhancing convenience, overall experience, and functionality.

For instance, if you use the cart on streets, customize it to be street-legal with essential features like seat belts, headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. Adding more storage options can significantly boost its practicality if you use the cart for equipment deliveries. Lastly, a handful of accessories are available to align the cart with your style. From seat covers and high-end stereos to cooler packages and LED headlights, to name a few.

For more golf cart customization ideas, check out 101 ways to customize your golf cart.

Your Budget & Golf Cart Prices

When new clients visit our stores, one of the first questions they ask us is how much does a golf cart cost? Our standard response to this query is typically, "it depends."

Golf cart prices vary significantly, influenced by multiple factors, and can range anywhere from $2,000 for a basic used golf cart to $19,000+ for a new, high-end customized cart. Beyond the initial purchase cost, it's essential to consider ongoing operational expenses (insurance, gas/charge fee, maintenance, etc.) and potential golf cart customization costs.

Do your research to compare models and find the best cart for your budget. Remember that golf cart financing options are available, so you don’t have to pay the full price upfront.


With over 30 years of experience, we know no single “best" golf cart fits everyone’s unique needs and preferences. The best golf cart for you is the one that aligns closest with your specific situation, calculations, and taste. 

Don’t search for a golf cart for sale alone. Let Garrett’s dedicated teams help guide you through the buying process. Contact us or visit one of our stores, and let the fun ride begin!

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